June 08, 2024

Staff Projects: Emotional Support Chicken

Staff Projects: Emotional Support Chicken



Today, we will introduce some colorful chickens. When you line up five of them, they are so cute!
This pattern is " Emotional Support Chicken " and has recently become a regular on Ravelry's popular patterns list.

When you hold it, you feel an incredible sense of security. As the name "Emotional Support" suggests, it seems like it will provide emotional support and healing!



Our staff Nakacho-san knitted the one with button eyes, and Aiko-san knitted the others.
"They were so cute I didn't know when to stop," she said, and before she knew it, there were four of them!

When knitting stuffed animals, it is surprisingly difficult to get the eyes in the right position and to fill them with just the right amount of cotton. And it can sometimes not turn out very cute, but these chickens are adorable no matter what color you knit them in or what kind of eyes you put on them. That may be another reason for their popularity.


You can knit it just one strand of Worsted weight yarn, or you can use two Fingering held together. This is a great pattern for using up leftover yarn.

The funky chicken with a fluffy comb on its head is made entirely from leftover yarn from Aiko's favorite brand, Under Cover Otter . The fluffy pom-poms were also sold by Under Cover Otter in the past.

It can be put on and taken off with a snap like this. It looks a little embarrassing to take it off.


After knitting the parts that resemble a "chicken cut open" from the tail to the body and head, knit the undersection separately and sew them together.


Nakacho-san's chicken ended up with the undersection placed closer to the head than specified, resulting in a muscular chest. That's also cute.

Highly recommended for daily relaxation!


Project Details
Pattern: Emotional Support Chicken by Annette Corsino (Available on Ravelry)
Yarn: Everyone's leftover yarn