January 24, 2024

Color Suggestions for Largo Sweater


Fluffy fair starting January 23rd!
We will be displaying samples of fluffy yarns such as mohair and Baby Suri in our store. For more information on the fair, please click here .

One of the most popular items is the Largo Sweater , which is knitted using a combination of mohair and Fingering hand-dyed yarn.

You may hesitate to use colorful hand-dyed yarns on your clothing, wondering if they are too flashy, but by combining them with mohair of different textures and thicknesses, they become more subdued and stylish.

However, many people have trouble with color combinations.
This time, I tried knitting some swatches.  The MC is Amirisu Swing Handdyed , and the CC is DARUMA Wool Mohair ! Please use them as a reference for color matching when knitting Largo or Largetto .

1. Swing Peach Melba, Wool Mohair from top: Grey (6), Lemon (13), Baby Pink (9)

If you use the colors in MC in CC, the MC will look nice and subdued. But the top gray, which shows the flickering of the MC, is also cute!

2. Swing Singing Robin, Wool Mohair from top: Black (7), Olive (11), Beige (2)

It completely changes the mood. No matter what color you choose, the occasional light blue is a nice touch.

3. Swing Blue Sky Flight, Wool Mohair from top: Kinari (1), Sky Blue (8), Navy (10)

All of them are refreshing!

4. Swing Leo, Wool Mohair from top: Cherry (4), Grey (6), Ice Green (14)

The yellow stands out and gives it a unique look.

5. Swing Eric, Wool Mohair from top: Mint (3), Scarlet (12), Taupe Gray (5)

It looks like it will be fun to knit because there are many different colors to choose from. It would be a good idea to choose CC depending on which color you want to stand out.

If you want to knit a combination that is not included in the kit, Please purchase enough yarn for the garment, and in the "Message" section of your cart, specify the pattern name and write "Pattern request".
If you would like the pattern printed, please write "Printed" in the box. After you have completed your order, we will charge you the price of the pattern via PayPal.
*Depending on the pattern, we may not be able to meet your request due to contracts with designers.

We hope you find your favorite combination!