January 04, 2024



Today is the last of this blog series.

We'll start with Akko in Kyoto!

What I enjoyed knitting last year: Avion by Katrin Schneider

" I also had fun knitting the half brioche! I also worked hard on attaching the buttons, which I'm not very good at.
I am very happy to have created a cardigan that is easy to wear on an everyday basis."

The yarn used is Olanna's treasured yarn. It's hard to attach buttons, but having lots of small buttons on it makes it even cuter.

What I want to knit next year: Elah by Isabell Kraemer

Akko often knits Isabell's designs. Maybe because she has a similar body type to the designer, they always look really good on her. She's already started knitting them, so maybe we'll see her wearing them this winter. I'm looking forward to it!


Next up is Shino, who hadn't completed any work until recently. She made it just in time!

What I enjoyed knitting last year: Autumn comes by Lisa Hannes

I knitted it using the same fabric as the Amirisu Stroll that I previously sold (the base is different from the one I'm currently selling). It's light and warm, and even in temperatures close to freezing, you can keep warm by wrapping it around you when walking.
Kits are available for sale at Parade and Isager Silk Mohair!

What I want to knit next year: Post by Alice Caetano

This colorful piece appears on the cover of the Japanese version of amirisu issue 27. The pattern and color distribution are exquisite. I'm curious to see what colors everyone will use, and I'm looking forward to seeing the project posted on Ravelry.

Finally, let us introduce Hasuda's selection.

What I enjoyed knitting last year: Hawkins by Fibre Creative

"This sweater was featured in issue 23 of amirisu . It was my first attempt at sewing, and it's casual and easy to wear, so I love it! The sweater was inspired by the Netflix show Stranger Things, which I'm also addicted to, so I took a picture of it with a stuffed toy of a monster that appears in the show."

I knitted it using De Rerum Natura Ulysse 's Brouillard and Baleine Bleue. It was soft and bouncy and felt great.

What I want to knit this year: Pelican by Marianne Isager

"I recently bought Marianne Isager's A KNITTING LIFE 2 - Out into the World , so I'd like to knit something from it. For now, the pelican pattern sweater is my first choice, but the Inca Stripes are also cute and I'm having a hard time deciding."

Did you find a pattern or yarn that caught your eye?
I hope this inspires your knitting this year.
Let's have fun knitting this year too!