January 03, 2024



How is everyone spending the New Year?
It is strange to want to cast on a new project as the new year begins, even though I already have many pieces to knit!

Today we talked with Miki Honma from the Tokyo store.

Things I enjoyed knitting last year: Mayumi by amirisu

" I really like the color combination and the shape . The moderate lace pattern and the pattern of decreasing stitches made it a fun knitting experience right up to the end. The shape is easy to use, and just throwing it on gives it a classy look, so I really like it."

The yarn used is Parade , the MC is Blue Magic, and the CC is Baku. The eye-catching blue is lovely. This looks really useful, and when I saw it, I wanted it too. There is a kit too!


What I want to knit this year: Gyration by Keiko Kikuno



" The samples were so cute. I want to start knitting right away!

It's featured in Northern Lights, a book we made in collaboration with Brooklyn Tweed that was released in December, and it's great for layering and also comes in a crew neck option.


Next is Staff "R" from Kyoto.

Something I enjoyed knitting last year: Gale by Sachiko Burgin



This pattern is featured in the 2022 Daruma Collection Cosmology . It uses Daruma Falkland Wool in Sand Beige and smirisu Drift Handdyed in Mulled Wine.

"The pattern was easy to understand, and I was able to knit it up quickly using thick yarn, which was fun. The combination of MC and CC matches my tastes and the clothes I already have, making it a versatile piece. I added mohair to the already comfortable Falkland Wool , so it's really soft and warm.
I made the length a little longer than specified, and made holes when I knitted the i-cord in order to determine the buttonhole position at the end . Sometimes I feel like I've made a mistake when I do something different from the pattern, but this change worked out well and is one of my favorite features of GALE .
I thought I wasn't good at knitting with seams, so I avoided it, but it was no problem at all. Knitting the parts separately reduces the weight and doesn't put much strain on my hands, so I'd like to continue knitting clothes with seams in the future."

Cosmology was extremely popular and sold out, but we have decided to resell the PDF version! It will be released in mid- January , so if you were looking forward to it, please wait a little longer.

What I want to knit next year: Brienne by Brienne Moody

" I've unraveled a sweater I made with Brooklyn Tweed 's Tones yarn that didn't fit well, so I'm planning to knit this one using three colors of that yarn. The pattern is for two colors, but I'm looking forward to figuring out how to use the three colors in my own way."

La Bien, released last spring Aimée's This is featured in the second pattern book curated by Aimée, " Neon & Neutrals ." The left side of the body is a block pattern, and the right side is a polka dot pattern with CC used, making it very stylish. Ms. R is good at arranging things, so I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of outfit she will create.

Tomorrow will be the last staff blog for the New Year holidays. Please be sure to read it until the end.