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クラフトシティガイド: ヘルシンキ

Craft Guide to Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is located on the Gulf of Finland and is the northernmost city with a population of over one million.

Inheriting straw craft techniques and turning them into wearable art
Hanase WARA
Momoko Fujii

A graceful, ruffled bracelet. Earrings like leaves that nestle close to the ears. The basis of her creations is a traditional handcraft, straw work.
無限に広がるポップでカラフルな世界 <br>モール・アーティスト フジサキタクマ

The Pop and Colorful World of
Pipe Cleaner Craft
Takuma Fujisaki

These Monster Aliens, made solely of colorful and pop pipe cleaners, are the main monsters that comprise Takuma Fujisaki’s “Mogol World.”


Staff Projects:<br> PrimaveraとStitch Vest

Staff Projects:
Primavera and Stitch Vest

Here are some of the works knitted by Sanae at the Tokyo store.
妄想編み物1: Fresca Topが編みたい

Fantasy Knitting 1: I want to knit a Fresca Top

In this series, Meri will be introducing the patterns that she is currently interested in.

TOKYO ACRYL: Acrylic Buttons!

This button is made from recycled parts!


とっておきの1カセ – Uist Wool DK

My Favorite Yarn (2)
Uist Wool DK

Looking back, the Edinburgh Yarn Festival was a memorable event in many ways.
あの時私は - 遅かった一輪車

In Retrospect - 2 -
The unicycle that came late

There was a time, probably around when I was in the fourth grade, when unicycling became popular at school.
とっておきの1カセ  – Woolfolk Luft

My favorite yarn (1)

Among the staff of amirisu, I am the one who owns a lot of yarns.

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初夏のDe Rerum Natura フェアのご案内

初夏のDe Rerum Natura フェアのご案内

WALNUT TokyoとWALNUT Kyotoで初夏のDe Rerum Natura フェアを開催します!
Yamamuro Ruiさんと Tomioka Yukaさんに作品をお借りしました。お二人の作品を見にぜひ遊びにいらしてくださいね。

ショッピングバッグ有料化のご案内(WALNUT Kyoto, WALNUT Tokyo)

Introduction of a fee for shopping bags (WALNUT Kyoto, WALNUT Tokyo)

WALNUT Kyoto and WALNUT Tokyo will start charging for shopping bags from June 11, 2024.

When you want to buy a pattern

We will show you how to buy patterns when you want to knit with threads that are not assembled in the kit.