Amy Oxford Punch Needle

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Amy Oxford punch needle.
Depending on the type of needle, the thread used and the size of the loop that can be made will change, so please choose the needle that matches the work you want to make.

About needle thickness
There are Regular and Mini.
Bulky thread is suitable for Regular, and Worsted thread is suitable for Mini.

About needle length
There are No.8・No.10・No.14.
The length of the needle will affect the length of the loop you can make.
Approximately 1/2 inch loop using No.8
About 1/4 inch loop using No.10
No. 14 will make a loop about 1/8 inch.
The larger the needle number, the smaller the loop.

About the box

There are boxed needles and unboxed needles.
The box comes with gauges and instructions (in English).

No.14 Mini: Good for making small loops (about 1/8 inch) with fine thread (about Worsted). It does not come with a box, so it is suitable for those who understand how to use it.

We have a video course for those who use punch needles for the first time!