Suomen Lanka cotton twine 12-ply

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A fine cotton thread that is ideal for crocheting.
It is easy to knit because it has a strong twist. It has a strong finish, so it is recommended for knitting various things that add color to your life, such as bags, accessories, and rugs.
The colorful yet calming colors are elegant and blend well with your everyday wardrobe and interior.

There are two names, Liina and Molla, but the base is exactly the same.
Molla is a custom color by designer Molla Mills.

100% cotton
1280m / 500g

This is the thread used in the work published in the book " Crochet Crush ".
The works using this thread and the amount used are as follows.

It's so cute!

Puolikas shoulder bag

Liina Black (no. 80): 150g
Liina Raw white (no. 06): 150g

Daisy bags

Liina Raw white (no. 06): 250g
Molla Honey (no. 35): 100g
Liina Bleached white (no. 10): 200g

Vuokko wallet

Liina Raw white (no. 06): 50g
Molla Dusty red (no. 43): 100g

Keto bags

Molla Tomato (no. 44): 200g
Liina Raw white (no. 06): 200g

Smile shoulder bag

Liina Raw white (no. 06): 300g
Molla Honey (no. 35): 100g
*The black line is embroidery thread.

Manufacturer: Suomen Lanka
Product name: Liina cotton twine, Molla cotton twine
Needle size: Crochet hook No. 2-4 (2-2.5mm)