twig & horn Wraps Per Inch Tool

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The twig & horn Wraps Per Inch Tool is useful when you want to know the thickness of a thread that you accidentally threw away the label.

I can't be sure even if I think "Is it a Sport Weight?" from memory and appearance. Isn't there a knitter? The twig & horn Wraps Per Inch are great because you can tell the thickness of the string by simply putting it on the groove of the board. Or you can wind the thread and find out how many times you can wind it (WPI).

Made from high quality 100% recycled MDF, it is eco-friendly, durable and lightweight.
There is a hole on the top so you can attach it to, for example, a twig & horn Gauge Ruler Keychain US and hang it. The cute sheep illustration is also a plus!

Size About 4.5cm x about 12.5cm

How to use Upper part (groove part): Hit the groove without pulling the thread, and compare the width of the groove and the width of the thread to judge.
Lower part: Place the end of the thread in the groove on the left side and wind it while being careful not to pull the thread too much. Count how many turns you can make in one inch width. This is called WPI (number of turns per inch), and it is a measure of thickness.

Example: If the WPI is 12 (12 wraps on the bottom) then you know it's Sport Weight. Correspondence between WPI and thread thickness is written in the upper groove.