twig & horn Wool Soap (bar type)

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From twig & horn, an affiliate of Quince & Co,
We have a discerning wool detergent made with natural ingredients.

Following the popular liquid type, the bar type is now in stock.

Infused with the highest grade of lanolin, it gently cleanses the wool and leaves it looking better than when it was knitted.

Lanolin is a refined lipid component attached to wool, which is gentle on human hands and is used in moisturizers, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.
Wool clothes lose lanolin every time they are washed.
A detergent containing lanolin can be washed while supplementing it.
You can enjoy your precious clothes for a long time.

There are three scents: Lemongrass, White Grapefruit and Rosewood.
It's an organic essential oil, so it's a calm and natural scent.
Lemongrass smells like fresh lemons,
White Grapefruit is a refreshing scent of grapefruit,
Rosewood smells like roses.
Unscented (Natural) is also available for those who do not like fragrances.

How to wash:
Fill the basin with lukewarm water.
Lather the bar with your hands and spread the lather on your clothes.
Alternatively, gently stroke the surface of your clothes with a bar.
Soak for 15 minutes and rinse lightly (no rinsing is fine, if you prefer).
Drain, reshape and dry.