Westknits Bestknits Number 1 - Shawls - Japan Edition

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Pattern book for shawls by Stephen West "Westknits Bestknits Number 1 - Shawls". I made a Japanese translation version with amirisu under the permission of Stephen.
A book full of colorful and creative Stephen's charm. There are 13 shawls in total. This Number 1 is full of patterns that many knitters have knitted, enjoyed and loved. Even if you wanted to try knitting but were afraid of English, you can feel at ease knitting in Japanese. Please enjoy Stephen's wonderful styling and his one and only view of the world.

[Fun plan! ]
We are planning a fun project to commemorate the release! Please look forward to it!
・ Coloring book: Illustrations of some published works will be presented. You can paint the color and make a plan for color matching. A link to download the PDF data will be sent to your registered email address.
・Pattern PDF data: A link to download the pattern PDF data will be sent to your registered email address.
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Release date: March 4, 2022
152 pages
All Japanese sentence pattern notation

Posting pattern
Exploration Station
Dotted Rays
The Doodler
Vertices Unite
Striped bolting
Color Craving
Askews Me Shawl
Knit 'n Slide
Garter Breeze
Holey Chevrons
Briochevron Wrap

You can see the photos here .

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