leggiero kit -Quince & co. Puffin- (with Japanese sentence patterns)

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Casual vest knitted with bulky yarn, leggiero.

The vest is the best, but it has a unique shape with open sides. It's just worn over the head, so you can wear it quickly when you want an accent when it's cold. Since the sides are not closed, movement is smooth. A convenient item that can be worn over a blouse, sweater, or coat, regardless of your outfit.

I am also happy that I can knit loosely and comfortably with bulky yarn. Quince & co. Puffin has a soft and fluffy kit. The color is bright and gives a slightly masculine feel.

Continue knitting the front and back bodies from the hem to the neckline with a round-trip knitting. The neckline and shoulders are made with reduced stitches and flechage knitting. After knitting each bodice, the shoulders are sewn together. Finally, pick up the eyes from the neckline and knit the collar in a loop.

Kit contents
Quince & Co. Puffin
Size 1 (2, 3) = 5 (7, 9) Kase print pattern (Japanese)

Kit details
designed by Miki Teragaki

Finished Size <br>Size 1 (2, 3) =
Bust: 102 (122, 142) cm (open armpits)
Length: Front 50 (57, 63) cm
: Back body 55.5 (62, 68) cm
Neckline: 61 (71.5, 81.5)cm

Thread used
Quince & Co. Puffin
(100% American Wool / 112 yards / 102m / 100g)

Needle to be used・US 10.5 (6.5 mm) 60 cm (or longer) circular needle

Or, a needle with a thickness that can be used as a gauge

Other tools・Binding needle ・Stitch holder or separate thread ・Spare needle (for BO)

The yarn used in the sample is Garnstudio DROPS Snow.
There are no plans to sell a kit that uses the same thread as the sample.