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A sewing kit for making a needle case for one project.

It is a small needle case that holds the necessary tools for the project you are knitting. There are several needlepoints, crochet hooks, scissors, binding needles, a measuring tape, and a pen. You can neatly organize small items that tend to fall apart in your project bag.

There are a lot of nice needle cases out there, but basically they are for organizing and storing all kinds of needles. I wanted a needle case for carrying around, not for storage, so I made an amirisu original paper pattern. I was conscious of the size that fits in a project bag while accommodating all the necessary items that a knitter needs.

The fabric is made of high-quality paraffin-processed canvas made in Japan, so it is durable and the more you use it, the more it will look better. And we combined a cute lining that makes you happy when you open it.

We have prepared a full-size paper pattern, and basically all you have to do is sew a straight line, so there is no difficult process. I devised how the fabric overlaps so that it can be sewn easily with a home sewing machine.
The good thing about handmade items is that you can customize the size of the pocket to your liking.

One Project Needle Case that you make yourself, please bring it with you at any time.

Kit Contents・How to make 1Project Needle Case ・2 types of cut cloths of 35cm x 30cm or more
・Leather strap 1m
・amirisu tag

Finished size <br data-mce-fragment="1">Unfolded: 23cm wide x 23.5cm high

Sewing thread that matches the fabric
・Tree / khaki: 989
・Bouquet / Beige : 978
・Peach / Charcoal : 2741
・Star / navy : 696
・Snail Indigo / Uscha: 934

The above is the color that blends in with the outer material. If you like, it's cute if you put stitches in a color that stands out on purpose, like the sample.

The cut cloth for the outer fabric will have creases due to being folded and sent.