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Eucalan is a Canadian-born laundry detergent.
Since it contains lanolin, you can wash while supplementing lanolin, so you can enjoy your precious clothes for a long time.
It requires less rinsing and is eco-friendly.
It smells great and is a reliable detergent to wash your finished work.

Lanolin is a purified lipid component attached to wool. Wool and cashmere lose lanolin each time they are washed, but by washing while supplementing it, you can enjoy your precious clothes for a long time.

It also creates less foam and significantly reduces the amount of water used during washing. The wastewater is also kind to the global environment, and it is an eco-friendly product because it prevents water pollution.

There are two sizes, 500ml (about 95 times) and 100ml (portable).

In 2020, the package has been renewed.
The new and old designs will be mixed for a while, but we will deliver the package in the photo.

[About fragrance]

Eucalyptus Eucalyptus oil is a natural natural ingredient that repels moths and fleas. We recommend that you use this regularly before storing wool products for a long period of time, such as when changing clothes. The refreshing scent that wakes you up is active and clears your head and increases your concentration.

Lavender Lavender with insect repellent and antiseptic effect. Very ideal for baby products like blankets, stuffed animals, wool diaper covers and recommended for all delicate garments.

・Grapefruit It has a refreshing scent, and is especially recommended for washing clothes that come into direct contact with, such as knitwear, training wear, innerwear, and swimwear. It is said that the refreshing and sweet scent has the effect of brightening the mind and stabilizing the autonomic nerves.

・Jasmine A jasmine package designed by designer Kristin Omdahl. We use a carefully extracted essential oil of night-blooming jasmine. Suitable for delicate textiles, it is the perfect natural preservative. A sweet, romantic fragrance.

・Natural Fragrance-free, new arrival recommended for those who are sensitive to scents.

[How to use] Pour an appropriate amount into water or lukewarm water. Lightly massage while soaking for about 15 minutes. and rinse lightly. If you rinse too much, the lanolin component will flow out, and the anti-mite and insect repellent effects will be lost. Gently wring it out with your hands, or towel dry it into a shape and dry it in the shade.

It can also be used in the washing machine. Pour into liquid detergent inlet. Put it in the net and use it in the dry course.