Cocoknits Maker's Board

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Maker's Board has arrived from Cocoknits.

A handy tool for reading knitting patterns. It's made of a board with a metal plate inside, and can stand on its own, as shown in the photo, so you can magnetize the pattern and keep it in a legible position.

There are metal plates on all three sides, so you can put a pattern on the front and a chart on the other side. Cocoknits accessories can also be attached to magnets to organize them.

environmentally friendly Like Cocoknits, the cover is made of special washable paper, so feel free to wash it if it gets dirty. When washed, it becomes a leather-like texture, and the more you use it, the more it will taste.

In addition to knitting patterns, you can paste cooking recipes and support tablets. Depending on your ideas, you can use it in various ways. Please use it for a long time as a companion tool in your life.

28cm x 23cm (folded)

Contents・ Paper board with metal plate (made of durable washable paper)
・2 round magnets covered with PLA* ・2 round magnets ・Strong magnets (2 large, 1 small)
・Linen purse

PLA: A fermented vegetable fiber made from fermented plant starches such as corn, beet and sugar cane. 100% biodegradable, not water soluble and contains no plastic.

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Care Instructions <br data-mce-fragment="1">The paper cover will look like leather after washing. Please take care of it as follows.

  1. Take out the metal plate. Take care when removing the metal plate so that you do not injure yourself on the edge of the metal plate.
  2. Remove the metal plate and magnet, leave the paper cover alone, and wash it in a gentle cycle such as the hand wash mode of the washing machine.
  3. Once washed, lay flat to dry.
  4. Once dry, put the metal plate back in. Please be careful not to injure yourself.

The included magnets are slightly rough and some have small scratches. Please be aware of this before purchasing.