cohana Holiday Limited Items - Star Marking Pins

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We have received delicate and cute star pins from cohana.
2019 winter limited item.
If you pierce a pincushion together with an ordinary marking pin, it looks like a first-magnitude star.

Gold, silver and copper-colored star marking pins that are carefully made one by one.
A small star with a diameter of 8 mm shines with fine craftsmanship.
The star part is made using the "rubber casting method", in which the prototype is cut out with wax and a rubber mold is made from it.
The needles are made in Hiroshima, which is famous as a production area, so the cloth is smooth.

Size Full length: about 36mm
Motif length: about 7mm
Motif width: about 7mm
Motif thickness: about 2mm
Thickness: about 0.5mm