Lighthouse trousers / ASEEDONCLÖUD

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Lighthouse trousers are pants with a three-dimensional silhouette that are easy to move in and can be worn beautifully. Recommended for those who feel that their usual chino pants are too casual.

・Neat silhouette

These trousers are carefully made to look beautiful from the front, side, and back. The waist tuck creates a three-dimensional effect, and the exquisite tapered creates a curvy and beautiful line. The thick belt loops give it a unisex look.

・Discerning material
Hyouryushi herringbone: Wool herringbone from British fabric manufacturer MOON. Since its founding in 1837, MOON's fabric manufacturing is a special one, in which everything from freshly harvested wool to dyeing, spinning, weaving and finishing is done consistently in its own factory. The colors of the melange warp and the solid weft are natural and deep.

Oiled sail cotton: Uses tough and practical waxed cotton from long-established Scottish manufacturer HALLEY STEVENSONS. It has supple firmness and elasticity, and water repellency. While it has a sense of aging, it has a subtle sheen, making it an elegant and mature look.

Both are made of warm material, so you can wear them even on winter days.

・How to choose the size

There is a size adjustment buckle on the back, so it is possible to shrink the waist. If you wear Uniqlo S size, we recommend XS, and if you wear ML size, we recommend S size.


Tokuko and Meri were originally fans of ASEEDONCLOUD.
The brand name is derived from the name of the first picture book created by designer Kentaro Tamai when he was a child.
While making the most of the beauty of old work clothes seen in photographs from the late 19th century to the early 20th century, the identity behind the beauty is interwoven with wit and humor in the design. As a concept, we are inspired by the lifestyles of various occupations every season, and we put the scent of that life into the design as a spice.


Material Hyouryushi heringbone : 100% WOOL
Oiled sail cotton: 100% COTTON


XS (S) cm

Hyouryushi herringbone
Waist: 80 (84)
Hips: 100 (104)
Total length: 88 ( 94 )
Inseam: 59 ( 61 )
Crossing Width: 36 (38)
Hem Width: 18 (19)

oiled sail cotton
Waist: 78 ( 82 )
Hips: 100 ( 104 )
Total length: 91 ( 94 )
Inseam: 59 (61)
Crossing Width: 36 ( 38 )
Hem Width: 18 (19)

*Model height: 156cm , wearing XS

weight g

Hyouryushi herringbone
XS: about 580g S: about 610g

oiled sail cotton
XS: about 670g S: about 730g

Country of origin made in Japan
Care instructions Hyouryushi heringbone: Hand washable
Oiled sail cotton: Not washable. If it gets dirty, remove the dust with a brush and wipe it off with a cloth that has been tightly wrung out with water.
Notes For details, please check the quality tag attached to the product.