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Handwerker wide trousers are wide pants with a beautiful silhouette.
These pants can be worn like a long skirt or slacks, overturning the image of wide pants that make your butt look big or bulky.

・Neat silhouette

When viewed from the front, it has a clean form like slacks. The front tuck and the firmness of the fabric create a vertical line with just the right thickness, giving it an elegant impression. It is slightly rounded and has a costume-like cuteness, and it also covers your body shape neatly.

・Focus on details

We are particular about workwear-like details such as blunt buckles, straight stitches, and large pockets. You can fine-tune the size with the back belt.

・Refreshing texture

Off White is 100% Cotton.
Indigo is 70% Cotton 30% Linen.
Both are made of high-quality materials, smooth and comfortable to the touch, and the more you wear them, the more you will become familiar with them. It is smooth and does not get caught on the skin, so you can wear it for many seasons.
Indigo has a glossy feel unique to linen-blend denim and has an elegant texture.

・How to choose the size

There is a size adjustment buckle on the back, so it is possible to shrink the waist. If you wear Uniqlo S size, we recommend XS, and if you wear ML size, we recommend S size.

・ Amirisu's recommended points

Both Tokuko and Meri are around 150cm tall, so it was difficult to balance with normal wide pants, but with these I can wear them just like the long skirts and slacks I usually wear, and I like them. . It feels a little like a costume, but it hides the rawness of the body and the feeling of life, and I'm happy that I can enjoy coordinating it.

What is Handwerker?

Tokuko and Meri were originally fans of ASEEDONCLOUD.
Handwerker means "craftsman" in German.
Continuing to create special daily wear and workwear born from imaginary occupations
A line with basic items derived from ASEEDONCLOUD.



Off White: 100% cotton
Indigo: 70% cotton, 30% linen


XS (S) cm

Waist : 67 (73)
Hips : 116 (122)
Rise: 33.5 (35)
Inseam : 64.5 (68.5)
Crossing Width : 35.5 (37.5)
Hem Width : 26.5 (27.5)
Total length: 98 (104)

*Model height: 156cm, Off White wears XS, Indigo wears S.
* There may be some errors due to manual measurement when laid flat.

weight g

Off White: 563 ( measuring S size)
Indigo: Measuring XS size (615)

Country of origin

made in Japan

Care instructions

Hand washable


For details, please check the quality tag attached to the product.