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Handwerker collarless shirt is a collarless shirt.
Although it is simple, it features details reminiscent of European vintage shirts.

A silhouette that combines ease of movement with elegance

The compact silhouette gives a neat impression, and the pleats on the shoulders and back make it easy to move.

・ Basic yet playful details

There is no top button, and a stud (= attached button) can be attached. You can wear it as it is and relax, or you can customize it with special buttons and ribbons.

・Special white shirt material

It's a clean, yet warm white that you won't get tired of.
Weaving is done in Hamamatsu, and finishing is done in Shiga. It has the same structure as the standard men's shirt oxford, but it has a delicate finish so that it is easy for women to wear. It is a very valuable fabric woven with a shuttle loom.

・ Amirisu's recommended points

For those of us who knit a lot of knitwear every year, a matching white shirt is an absolute must-have item in our closet. Recently, we want to wear high-quality clothes for a long time, and the Handwerker collarless shirt seems to be such a standard white shirt for us.
First of all, the shape is beautiful, and although it is moderately compact, I am happy that it does not pick up the body line too much. It is easy to balance with outerwear and bottoms, and I feel like wearing it casually.
Also, this "white" is really good! The texture is fine and it reflects light softly, giving an impression of integrity. The gentle white color and the silhouette of this work shirt make it unique.

What is Handwerker?

Tokuko and Meri were originally fans of ASEEDONCLOUD.

Handwerker means "craftsman" in German.
Continuing to create special daily wear and workwear born from imaginary occupations
A line with basic items derived from ASEEDONCLOUD.



cotton 100%


size XS
Width: 100cm, Length: 62cm, Shoulder width: 43cm,
Sleeve circumference: 48.5cm, Sleeve length: 54cm, Cuff width: 9.5cm
size S
Width: 104cm, Length: 64cm, Shoulder Width: 45cm,
Sleeve circumference: 49.5cm, Sleeve length: 58cm, Cuff width: 10cm
size M
Width: 108cm, Length: 69cm, Shoulder: 46.5cm,
Sleeve circumference: 50.5cm, Sleeve length: 62cm, Cuff width: 10.5cm

Model wears XS.
* There may be some errors due to manual measurement when laid flat.

weight g

165 (175, 190)

Country of origin

made in Japan

Care instructions

Hand washable


For details, please check the quality tag attached to the product.
You can remove the paper tag on the hem or leave it on.
You can wash it with it on. Tokuko was left on.