May 23, 2017

5/19 Ustream broadcast

5/19 Ustream中継

[Newly Arrived Products]
Lichen & Lace . Tegna kit with cute lace pattern is now on sale at the online shop. Only a few left!
・New yarn VALE arrived from Brooklyn Tweed.
・A new color (charcoal) has arrived from the popular Fringe Supply Co, Field Bag .

[Clothes they were wearing]
Pullover worn by Meri: Insouciant . The kit is on sale at our online shop.
Pullover worn by Tokuko: Gake with the pattern on amirisu4.
The thread used for both is Tsumugi Silk from Habu.

[Scheduled events]
・The Tokyo store will hold a shawl fair for three days this week on May 25th, May 27th and May 28th! Check out this blog for more details.

・ Amirisu Retreat 2017 is now accepting applications from the online shop . You can apply for a little cheaper until the end of June.
This is a stay-type workshop where you can participate in handmade classes in nature, slowly eat delicious meals, and enjoy conversations with friends. Reward yourself for 3 nights and 4 days at the facility attached to Nasu's Niki Club!
We are looking forward to your participation.