June 24, 2017

Quince Shawl Week

18:10 Meri : Today I have to promote Quince 's Shawl Week. Starting today, we will be releasing one shawl kit each day.

18:12 Tokuko: Quince always sends me emails specializing in wholesale stores, and I get a lot of news. And it's common for new patterns to be uploaded one by one every day. I thought it would be interesting. There is a vague picture of the pattern that will be introduced next.

18:14 Meri : Yes. It's a style where one piece is released every day for about a week.

18:15 Tokuko: oh yeah. It's kind of like copying that style. I can enjoy it.

18:15 Meri : This time, I would like to introduce the patterns from last year's Shawl Week. There are so many cute ones.

18:16 Tokuko: I was impressed by the fact that they all felt different. As I checked the pattern.

18:17 Meri : Certainly. Anything would be fun to knit. We have a lot of famous designers.

18:17 Tokuko: Shawls have a certain shape, so it's hard to come up with something new. Everyone, please wait with excitement.

18:17 Meri : Really.

18:17 Tokuko: Today, I'm delivering this from the Nara Line, but I'm in a group of aunts, and I'm in a very difficult situation.

18:18 Meri : Is it a group of ladies on Saturday evenings? that's surprising

18:18 Tokuko: It looks like you're on your way home from a fun party. Since a while ago, I'm not everyone's friend. . . I am confused.

18:18 Meri : The tourist season has come to an end

18:19 Tokuko: Yeah. It seems that the number of students on school trips has decreased considerably.

18:20 Meri : The taxi driver said it was almost over. Next up is the Gion Festival, but by the way, I was told about a little-known spot

18:20 Tokuko: Er. nice. It's finally time for me to go see it too.

18:21 Meri : If you're at the edge of Shinmachi-dori, you can see the turns up close, and there are hardly any people around. What the hell is that turn?

18:21 Tokuko: Of course not. I feel like I'm doing a lesson every year. At that time. Why? Meri is desperately going to see it.

18:22 Meri : I think I've only been there once . The year before last, I had a bad experience and was punished. I don't remember the year before that because I was preparing to open!

18:23 Tokuko: Is that so? I hope I can go this year. Well then, I will work hard as a wife! Have a nice weekend. I usually work on Mondays.

18:24 Meri : Oh, have you arrived yet? I haven't been able to advertise the shawl much, but it's okay! Have a nice weekend