July 09, 2017

at the Tokyo store

17:39 Meri: Thank you again for your hard work today. The supporters club knit cafe was fun.

17:40 Meri: Yes, it was at the Tokyo store. It's the 2nd anniversary of the opening, it's about time

17:41 Tokuko: First of all, renting a property in Omotesando! I felt like

17:41 Meri: I'm kind of excited

17:41 Meri: But when I look at the place, it's here! Like.

17:42 Tokuko: It was a nice meeting. I didn't intend to make it a complete shop, but I thought it was for lessons.

17:42 Tokuko: Areyoareyo, it turned into a shop.

17:42 Meri: I think you said something like open one day a week.

17:43 Tokuko: Oh yeah. We have more students, so we can rent a property! It's from the idea.

17:44 Meri: Yeah. But it's really nice to have a place that I can use as a base when I'm on a business trip to Tokyo, and I'm glad I did it.

17:44 Meri: Recently, there are many foreign customers.

17:45 Tokuko: Staff used to it.

17:46 Tokuko: I'm grateful that there are quite a few people who go to the Tokyo store and the Kyoto store.

17:46 Meri: So narrow! But it's also like Omotesando.

17:46 Tokuko: Yeah. Kyoto is the same, but this place is also full of foreigners!

17:47 Meri: Tokyo and Kyoto, it would be fun to make ladder benefits

17:47 Tokuko: Oh that's interesting. to stamp.

17:48 Tokuko: So, commemorative badges and bag gifts.

17:48 Meri: Hey! Or something limited.

17:48 Tokuko: Let's do it. Decide here!

17:48 Meri: Alright!