July 06, 2017

It's time to join the Supporters Club

18:03 Meri : My child is groaning in the distance.

18:04 Tokuko: I just came back to the Tokyo store after eating soupless tantanmen.

18:04 Meri : Oh, nice. I'm thinking of having okonomiyaki and tomato salad today.

18:05 Tokuko: A large harvest of tomatoes.

18:06 Meri : I'll be in Tokyo tomorrow, so I have to eat today. Knit Cafe at the Supporters Club on Saturdays.

18:08 Tokuko: I'm looking forward to shopping.

18:08 Meri : Also, being able to sleep for the first time in four months.

18:08 Tokuko: You may not be able to sleep with excitement.

18:09 Meri : 8 hours of dream sleep! Oh yeah, supporters club, We are looking for a start in August .

18:25 Tokuko: The supporters club also started around 2015 . At first, I thought everyone would be happy with free shipping and sales, but Ustream is more popular than I thought.

18:27 Meri : Yes, pre-sales and limited pre-orders are popular, but Ust is the one. Then, I started thinking that if I tried a membership system, it would be possible to provide a slightly generous service that was difficult to provide to all customers.

18:31 Meri : Ust is looser than normal Ust , but many people seem to be looking forward to it.

18:32 Tokuko: You're talking about something really private.

18:33 Meri : Yeah. My child appears, a family story, and so on. I talk lazily while knitting it. Feeling like a virtual knit cafe?

18:34 Tokuko: That's true. Virtual knit cafe! This is a secret from my husband. Really.

18:34 Tokuko: I didn't expect it to be such a hot topic. . .

18:34 Meri : Certainly. . . smile

18:35 Meri : There are supporters clubs and other limited sales, so I think it's a good deal if you use up all the services. I don't think I can get my money's worth at all.

18:36 Tokuko: There's also a summer sale coming up soon. It is not released to the public, so please look forward to it.

18:37 Meri : General sales are supposed to be rare. Mostly clubs.

18:38 Tokuko: Please come in and enjoy ust .

18:38 Meri : Nice to meet you!