June 28, 2017

there is knitting

19:37 Meri: What shall we talk about today? Did you wear a shawl?

19:37 Tokuko: Not much.

19:38 Meri: The one that gives out one every day

19:38 Tokuko: The third kit is up today.

19:38 Tokuko: I'm trying to advertise on Instagram now.

19:40 Meri: Oh, today's is cute too. Serena. Paper Bird and Serena are my favorites.

19:41 Tokuko: Sometimes you want to knit lace.

19:41 Tokuko: So, when I'm tired, I'm healed by the knitted fabric. There are knitters.

19:43 Meri: Oh yeah. I'm not knitting lace now. I want to knit with a light thread like Piper

19:44 Tokuko: Ms. Meri, you haven't knitted lace much. I'm going to have withdrawal symptoms soon.

19:44 Meri: Paper Bird is cute in pink, but it looks like it would be easy to use if you knit it in gray or blue. A simple but well made pattern!

19:44 Meri: Recently I have shawl knitting syndrome. So I dug into the house project, but all I could find was the brioche ribs and the garter one.

19:45 Tokuko: Can I give you my Rock Island?

19:45 Tokuko: But the last one is the garter.

19:45 Meri: Okay. 'Cause I'll be in the garter soon

19:46 Meri: So I looked at my queue and there wasn't much racing in the first place. . .

19:47 Tokuko: As before, The Race! Something like that might not be popular.

19:47 Tokuko: Knitting is fun.

19:48 Meri: That's right. Knitting is fun. It's actually pretty easy to use, especially from spring to early fall.

19:49 Meri: Serena. Should I knit? Or Rue Shawl in Sparrow's new color

19:50 Tokuko: I really recommend Rue! It's nice.

19:50 Tokuko: For those of you who think that linen thread is used for clothing. Take on the challenge.

19:52 Meri: Right. I don't know how easy it is to knit lace with linen thread, but many people do it, so it should be fine. I wonder if I'll knit it in that new color.

19:53 Tokuko: No, that's good!

19:53 Meri: Right. I'm looking forward to it.

19:53 Meri: We're releasing another shawl this week. I have one more, but I don't have any threads, and it's in July.