July 26, 2017

work from home

18:50 Tokuko: Today is a work day at home for both of us.

18:50 Tokuko: When I went outside for the first time a while ago, it was so bright that I almost collapsed.

18:51 Meri: I was going to go to work, but the baby didn't look good in the morning, so I put him out of daycare.

18:51 Meri: It's bright. It's summer

18:52 Tokuko: It's already evening. . .

18:53 Tokuko: I try to go to work every day, but I can only do pattern writing at home.

18:53 Tokuko: I think he's doing the math and saying things like, uh, uh, uh, oh, no.

18:54 Meri: There is such a thing. When I write a manuscript or translate, I can't do it at the company.

18:54 Meri: I know lol

18:54 Tokuko: I've been working alone for a long time, so I talk to myself a lot.

18:55 Meri: You peaked when you worked separately for amirisu

18:56 Tokuko: When I lived in Kobe, I used to stay at home and work. At that time, I finally bought a nice chair.

18:57 Meri: Now we both use it at work. I miss that chair when I work from home sometimes

18:59 Tokuko: Really. That's why I try to work for the company as much as possible.

18:59 Meri: Right.

19:00 Meri: Well, did you have anything to advertise today?

19:00 Tokuko: Looking at the top screen.

19:00 Meri: I forgot to do it yesterday.

19:01 Tokuko: Of course there's the thread, but there's another K2tog pin badge.

19:02 Meri: Yes.

19:02 Tokuko: I think it's really cute to have a mother and baby sheep. Hey, when did pin badges start to become popular? to knitters.

19:02 Meri: Since last year? Even Quince is out of stock across the board and can't be replenished.

19:03 Tokuko: I wonder if everyone saw it on Instagram. I have too many badges and I'm in trouble. I have no place to put the one I bought in Portland!

19:04 Meri: Already put on the whole surface.

19:04 Meri: oh yeah

19:05 Meri: It's not a pin badge, it's a can badge, but I'm secretly selling the badge I made for the 2nd anniversary of Walnut Kyoto. It's cute if you add this too

19:06 Tokuko: It's sold at the Kyoto store, right?

19:06 Meri: Yeah. It has kyoto in it.

19:07 Tokuko: Then, when you come to the Kyoto store, please do. Perfect for souvenirs. I have one too!