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GEEK 50g



糸の芯と吹き出ているウールの繊維の色を変えた、ユニークな毛糸、GEEK。 電子部品やネオン照明のような雰囲気があり、ちょっと変わった糸が好き!という方に向けて「マニア」や「オタク」といった意味合いのギークという名前に。 糸と編んだ状態の見え方も違うので、ドライブ編みや、フリンジも面白い表情に仕上がります。 リリーヤーン形状で軽く、糸割れしない編みやすい糸です。他の毛糸と組み合わせたアクセント使いもおすすめです。

50 g / 126 yard / 116 m
推奨針サイズ:5.5-6.0 mm, US 9-10
Made in Japan

"What if we could make a sweater where, as the elbows and neckline stretched and wore over time, they changed color? What if we could create a yam like that?" GEEK was conceived from such a whimsical conversation.

The inner fiber and outer sheath are dyed separately in contrasting colors. The resulting fabric has a very interesting quality, subtly showing the color of the inner fiber, just as DARUMA had envisioned.
The name, GEEK, came from the futuristic, electric colors of the yarn. We hope that knitters throughout the globe will enjoy knitting with this unique yarn.


Wool 56%, Polyester 30%, Alpaca 14%
50 g / 126 yard / 116 m

Worsted toChunky weight
Suggested needle sizes: 5.5-6.0 mm, US 9-10