Twin Mountain Handcrafts - Scissor Earrings

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Scissor-shaped earrings have arrived from Twin Mountain Handcrafts.

Twin Mountain Handcrafts that Tokuko and Meri met at an event in Rhinebeck.
The sparkly scissors pierced earrings were so cute that we bought them as souvenirs and took them home.
It's large and has a presence, but it's light and kitsch is cute. Earrings that are conversation starters. If you are good at it, you can remove the metal fittings and replace them with other metal fittings such as earrings and key chains.

Motif size Width: 3.5cm
Length : 4.5cm

please note:
The acrylic plate is finished with a rough feel. Please be aware of this before purchasing as the tip may be slightly uneven.