October 27, 2018

17 issue released!

09:32 Meri: Good morning. 1 year old in a good mood again this morning

09:33 Tokuko: This is another big one.

09:34 Tokuko: Today is the release date of amirisu 17. congratulations.

09:34 Meri: Oh yeah!

09:35 Tokuko: That's right. It's today!

09:35 Meri: I forgot that there were so many things that it wasn't released yet

09:36 Tokuko: A tightrope walk, with the Japanese version just barely delivered to the store in the morning.

09:37 Meri: You've had to redo the print, right?

09:38 Tokuko: Incidents always happen

09:38 Meri: But we're off to a good start. i think you have a good design

09:39 Tokuko: The exhibition will start next week in Tokyo.

09:40 Tokuko: Samples can be tried on, so please come visit us.