About the characteristics of hand-dyed yarn

At amirisu, we handle a lot of hand-dyed yarns, but they have many features that are different from factory-dyed yarns. Keep reading to learn more about these differences before making a purchase.

・About color fading There is no doubt that the color will fade. But don't worry! Dyes for yarn only dye animal fibers, and they do not fix unless heat is applied. It may look like dye has transferred, but it's actually just some dye on the top layer of the item. You should be able to wash it off. But it's good to be careful. Please be sure to check the precautions so that the color does not transfer to important items.

1. Dark colors are prone to color fading or color transfer. First of all, there is a possibility that bamboo needles will be dyed during knitting, and dark blue and red colors may also adhere to your hands.
And even when you wash it with water, you can see a lot of color in the water. Therefore, when washing, please be sure to wash with cold water without other items.
2. It is better to be careful of color transfer when knitting patterns with white items. When washing, we recommend that you drain the water thoroughly and make sure it can dry quickly, for example on a sunny day.

・About flying fibers <br>Wool, and especially hand-dyed threads such as mohair and linen, give off fibers when they are wound from a skein into a ball. At that time, do not wipe the fibers with a wet cloth, but use a vacuum cleaner instead. There will be no color transfer and it can be treated without problems.

Some have a color-stopping agent smell (sour smell like vinegar). It fades with age.

・Regarding the color of the skein Since it is dyed by hand, there is no concept of dye lot, and the color of each skein is slightly different. Therefore, when the skein changes, the difference may be clearly visible when looking at the knitted fabric.
As a workaround, if you use two skeins of the same color and knit them as if you were knitting stripes, the color difference will not be noticeable. If you are interested, please try it.