It's time to change clothes

As we move into April, many people will probably start sending their midwinter coats and sweaters out for dry cleaning.
Hand-knitted wool sweaters can of course be hand-washed. You can also save the cleaning fee, and if you wash it with water, you will feel refreshed! However, commercial detergents are too strong and are not recommended for washing hand-dyed or high-quality yarns.

And lanolin is best for washing wool. Lanolin is a purified lipid component attached to wool. Wool and cashmere lose lanolin every time they are washed, but by washing while supplementing it, you can enjoy your precious clothes for a long time.

This time we will introduce you to the essential detergents and insect repellents this time of year. For detailed instructions on how to use the detergent, please refer to the product description.

twig & horn series
A milky and fragrant soap that contains high-quality lanolin in a fiber-friendly oil. A detergent that replenishes the lanolin lost in the spinning and dyeing process of wool and restores the original stain-resistant properties of wool. Of course, it also removes dirt. I am also happy that rinsing is unnecessary.
There are bar type and liquid type.

Eucalan is a Canadian-born laundry detergent made from 100% natural ingredients.
Since it contains lanolin, you can wash while supplementing lanolin, so you can enjoy your precious clothes for a long time. It requires less rinsing and is eco-friendly.
It smells great and is a reliable detergent to wash your finished work.

Soak, a no-rinse detergent. A detergent you can trust to wash your finished work. It washes away leaving a refreshing scent without damaging the fibers. In addition to knitwear, it can also be used for luxury clothing such as underwear, swimwear, and cashmere. The subdivided type is ideal for washing while traveling.

Restfolk series
This product is recommended for those who are resistant to commercially available insect repellents. This insect repellent is made from natural camphor, so if you don't like chemicals, please try it.