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Card type daruma household thread #30. Not only can it be used in everyday life for sewing buttons and repairing, but it can also be used freely for stitching, embroidering, and drawing pictures. You can use it practically, but it should be cute just by decorating it!

We have developed 5 sets of colors that are associated with the names of places in Japan, carefully dyed in Murasakino, Kyoto.
100m x 5 cards included

(See note on photo for set name)
Hanayama (Image of the scenery of Hanayama full of natural emotion and sublime colors)
Tarama (Image of the blue sea and sandy beach of Tarama Island, Okinawa Prefecture)
Mogami (Image of flowers blooming along the Mogami River in Yamagata Prefecture and Funato)
Setose (Image of Hokkaido's great plains, greenery that changes with the seasons)
Akaragi (inspired by the tropical colors of the red flowers of Tosa, Kochi Prefecture and the colors of the Yosakoi Festival)