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Ball type home thread #30. We have reproduced the shape of the egg roll that was once on sale. Not only can it be used in everyday life for sewing buttons and repairing, but it can also be used freely for stitching, embroidering, and drawing pictures. Daruma thread, which has delivered reliable quality since its founding, is strong, easy to sew, and has a beautiful luster. We will deliver carefully dyed threads in Murasakino, Kyoto, with color selections associated with Japanese place names.
*Thread material and thickness are the same as HOME THREAD CARD#30.

Hanao (Japanese iris flowers blooming in spring in Yamaguchi Prefecture)
Kyonojo (Morning dew and moss seen on the way up Mt. Kyojo, moist mountain road)
Hakusan (image of blue sky and lush forest seen from the top of Mt. Hakusan)
Kasumigaura (image of a yacht harbor along Lake Kasumigaura)
Hyakujuro (image of Hyakujuro cherry blossoms in full bloom)