Pin Cushion

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A dot-patterned pincushion is placed in a can that is handmade by craftsmen in downtown Tokyo. The lid can be closed, so it is safe to store needles with needles and threads attached. When you're sewing, you can use the lid as a container to collect lint or to store buttons.
*We use HIROCOLEDGE hand towels.

We put the pincushion of the dot design into the can which craftsman of the Tokyo downtown area makes from handmade one by one.Since it can cover, marking pins and sewing needles with threads are also put away neatly and safely.When you're sewing , it is possible to use the cover as a container, so you will not lose small buttons. Surely you will want to carry it everywhere and every time.

The pin cushion features tenugui(Japanese hand towels) from HIROCOLEDGE.