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Please read and understand all of the following before applying.

We will consult on how to knit so that those who have purchased a kit from amirisu can finish their work!
At amirisu, we sell a lot of kits (sets of thread and Japanese patterns), but I think there are many customers who are worried about whether they can understand the pattern even if they want to knit, before buying. increase.
Therefore, we will hold a free "Knitting Consultation" on Fridays (irregular) for those who have purchased the kit!
The lecturer will answer your questions face-to-face using the online conference system Zoom . Please take advantage of the consultation meeting and finish the work.

Consultation details

date and time
2 slots on Friday from 11:00 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 14:00 (Irregular)
4 people each
During this time, the instructor will set up Zoom and wait for you, so please enter at your favorite timing.

Mizuho Komiya

How to make a reservation
Please select your desired "date and time" from the pull-down menu below and purchase (no payment will be made).
At that time, please specify what you want to tell us in the "Message" column in the cart. Please be sure to let us know so that we can prepare to answer your questions smoothly.

Once your order is complete, you will automatically receive an email with your Zoom ID and password that will allow you to download the PDF . Please check it out and join us on the day.

About consultation contents
At the consultation meeting, we will only accept questions about the set of threads and Japanese patterns sold at amirisu .
Please note that the following cases will not be accepted at the conference.
・English pattern purchased by yourself ( It is also not possible for those purchased at a physical store through a download agent )
・ Patterns other than those purchased at the amirisu online shop or physical store
・Pattern published in the magazine amirisu ( This is accepted by Ravelry 's amirisu group )

How to take
We will use an online conferencing system called Zoom. Before the consultation meeting, you need to download the app from here and set it up. Using the app is free.
・It is possible to accept questions by voice without showing your face.
・Since the scheduled number of people for one hour is 5 , it is assumed that other people will be participating at the same time. Please note that this is not a one-on-one session.
・You can participate with a smartphone, but we recommend using a tablet or PC so that you can see it clearly.

important point
We do not provide support for how to use Zoom , so please apply only if you can set it up and use it yourself.
2. If we judge that it is difficult to answer your inquiry for free after looking at the content of your inquiry, we may refuse your inquiry. note that.
At the consultation meeting, we will only answer the inquiries that were notified at the time of purchase. Additional inquiries cannot be made.
Reservations are only accepted at the online shop. Reservations cannot be made by email or phone. Please apply from here.
the consultation session is limited in time, we may not be able to answer all questions. In that case, please join us again on another date.