For you who want to be picky about tools

Look around the shelves and buy no more yarn! Even if you think, the tools are another story. I think tools are very important for people who are always knitting.
This time, we will introduce recommended tools that amirisu handles. These are the items you cannot do without.


A stitch number marker is indispensable for knitting overseas patterns. Cocoknits Ring Stitch Makers are colorful. It is convenient to have many colors when each marker has a role, and it also has the advantage of being easy to find when dropped. There are two types by size.
The other is Fringe's leather pouch . A slightly thicker metal marker is included, making it a cool container for carrying markers. The aging of the leather is also one of the pleasures.
Click here for step markers .

[Must-have tools]

There are some gadgets that you need to carry around that you can't leave at home.
First is the counter . Of course, there are now mobile apps that count, but in my experience, the most convenient way to do this is by clicking analog. I want to carry such a nice counter! Isn't it?

A stopper essential for carrying knitting . It can be inserted tightly, yet it is light. It is my endorsement product that I have lost the stopper every time I travel. It's also nice that they are color-coded by size!

A major is a knitting friend. We have both inches and centimeters, which is very convenient for those who knit overseas patterns. With amirisu logo.

I want to cut the thread a little at the destination! Yarn cutter when I thought. You need a bag to put scissors in, but with this you can carry it as it is. Amirisu's original product boasts a warm wooden house shape.

[Tools that are nice to have]

Knitter's Keep is a wristwatch type, the bangle is a magnet, and you can keep metal objects. Markers and binding needles can also be attached, but I think it is most convenient when knitting with rope knitting needles. Also, it would be nice to set the needle for blocking. It is also recommended for those who lose various things while knitting on an airplane or traveling.

Clips are a very useful tool for binding. What have you been doing all this time! Fixing is easier than you think. Please try using it for sewing sleeves and bodice and shoulder seams.

This one with crochet hooks on both ends is a savior when the stitches fall off. Also, you need a crochet hook when you're finishing threads or doing a little work. If you put it in your carry-on bag, you're good to go! There will surely come a moment when you think.

Finally, I would like to introducethe Fringe project bag that I use the most. It's a must-have bag for me, who always takes knitting with me when I travel or have lunch. The point is that it is a thick canvas fabric.
I carry my phone, wallet, knitting and lipsticks everywhere I go.