How to choose interchangeable circular needles

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If you want to continue knitting for a long time, it is a convenient tool to have a set of interchangeable circular needles.
First, let's take a look at the advantages of interchangeable needles.
・You don't have to buy needles one by one.
・You can rest live stitches (for sleeves, hems, or a whole project) on a cable.
・It is possible to knit projects with the same needle size without having multiples.
Once you experience this convenience, you won't be able to go back!

amirisu sells HiyaHiya products, HiyaHiya has two features.
・The metal needles are hollow, so they are very light and do not feel cold. Also they do not have that metallic smell some metal knitting needles have.
・The cord rotates, so the knitted fabric doesn't become twisted and the needle tips do not loosen.
They make an excellent set of needles!

There are 8 types, so many people may be unsure of which to buy. Here we will explain the different items so that it is easy to understand, both beginners who have never bought a set and those who have already purchased a set.

[About the contents of the set]

First of all, how to choose a set from 8 types .

・Choose the needle size <br>First of all, let's decide small or large.
Small includes sizes US2 to US8. Large is from US9 to US15.
If it's your first time buying, we recommend starting with the small size, which has the most common sizes used for projects using fingering to DK/worsted yarns.
If you're excited to knit everything with interchangeable needles, feel free to purchase the large size, too.
And if you love fine lace or sock knitting, now there is a sock set just for you!

・There are two types of needle tips: normal (sufficiently sharp) and sharp (extremely sharp), depending on how you knit.
Sharp is recommended for those who tend to knit tightly. They can make it easier to knit because it the sharp needle tip can easily pass through tight stitches.
However, you tend to push the tip of the needle with your finger, go with the normal tips. Sharp may hurt your fingertips.

・The length of the needle depends on how you hold it.
Available in 4 inch and 5 inch. In cm, it is about 10 cm and 13 cm. Those 3cm make a big difference.
First, check your knitting style. For those who hold the needle with only their fingertips, 4" is fine. For those who grip the needle tightly while knitting, 5" should be easier to knit.
4" has a short needle tip, so it is easy to use when knitting small loops, such as sleeves.
If it's your first set and you're not sure, we recommend starting with the 5" set.

[About accessories]

While the set has the basic necessities covered, there are some accessories you may want to add separately.
The set includes the: 40cm / 60cm / 80cm / 100cm cables, and needle tips.

The good thing about interchangeable circular needles is the cable. Not only can it be used to rest stitches, so there's no problem if you have a bunch of WIPs (works in progress). Well, sometimes it might become a problem if you start to have a whole lot of them...
We recommend the 60cm and 80cm cables. It's useful to have at least 3 of the sizes that you use most often.

Cable stopper
HiyaHiya's popular panda cable stopper. As introduced in the previous section on cables, when you remove the tip of the needle and need to rest your stitches on the cable, you'll want to have some cable stoppers to keep your stitches from coming off.
It would be better to have at least two sets. Take note that stoppers come in different sizes, so be careful to purchase the size you need. Now, HiyaHiya also makes some lovely bead stoppers in assorted colors.

Needle cap
This is attached to the tip of the needle. Attaching it to the needle protects the tip and keeps the stitches from coming off. If you like pandas, please check them out! Available in two sizes.

US2.5mm needle tip
The US2.5 (3mm) number is not included in the small size set, but it is available separately. Adding this tip will make your small set truly complete! You can choose the needle tip and length, so please choose the one that suits your set.

These parts connect cables to other cables. No worries about having a long enough cable for picking large amounts of stitches at one time or knitting big shawls! You can also use a connector make a closed loop with one cable to rest stitches.

Needle tip adapter
If you attach this to the tip of an interchangeable needle, you can turn it into a short needle. You use can use it when doing a 3-needle BO or I-Cord.


・If you want a nice needle case, we have a variety of items here. The roll-up needle case shown in the video is currently not for sale.

・The smallest needle in the small set is US2 (2.75mm). A new set for Socks is now available!