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LBA Talk Live Youtube Live 2023



2023年10月5日〜7日、 La Bien Aiméeのオーナー Aiméeが WALNUT Tokyoにやってきます!

こちらトークライブ YouTube Live 視聴チケットです。

内容:トークライブ YouTube Live
WALNUT Tokyoで行われるAiméeを囲んだトークライブの様子をYouTube Liveで配信します。その視聴チケットになります。ご自宅でライブ配信を観ながら一緒に編みものをしてくださいね。









Aimée of La Bien Aimée will visit WALNUT Tokyo from October 5th to 7th!
(See blog for all event details)

This is a page is for a ticket for watching the talk live on YouTube.

This product does not require shipping, so please do not purchase it together with other products.

Contents: Talk Live - YouTube Live Stream
Purchase this ticket to watch the talk live with Aimée, Meri, and Tokuko at WALNUT Tokyo live on YouTube. Work on a knitting project while watching the live stream in the comfort of your home (or anywhere you like!).

550 yen

Date: October 6 (Friday) 11:00-12:00

Flow from application to audition:
We will send you the viewing link by email on September 30th. Please access the link provided on the day of the talk live to view the live steam. If you do not receive the email, please contact us.
E-MAIL: info(@)

We will accept questions for Aimée through the YouTube chat section during the live steam. We are also planning to prepare a question form to take questions in advance. Due to time constraints, it will not be possible to answer all questions, but we will share all of the questions with Aimée.

For those who can't watch in real-time, we plan to make the recording available until 18:00 on October 21st.

Reservation deadline: September 29th (Friday)

Please note:
・As this product does not require shipping, please do not purchase it together with other products.
・Depending on the condition of the connection on the day, the image quality may drop or be interrupted. In that case, we will provide a link to the recorded video at a later date. Please be aware of this before applying.