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Palet kit (with Japanese pattern)

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From the WOOLFOLK 2019 WINTER COLLECTION, which was just released in November, we will sell kits with Japanese sentence patterns.
Woolfolk Flette Bulky is soft to the touch, thick and easy to knit, so it is recommended as a gift for this winter.

Palet is a well-shaped beret.
One Woolfolk Flette Bulky can be knitted into one for adults and one for children, so it's cute for parents and children to wear them together.
It feels good against the skin, so it won't irritate your forehead.
We will knit in a circle from the opening. Make the shape while increasing and decreasing the stitches, and finally make the top decoration with the I-cord.

Kit contents
Woolfolk Flette Bulky 1 case Japanese sentence pattern

Kit details
designed by Woolfolk Design Team

Finished size
For children: about 40cm, for adults: about 48cm

Thread used
Woolfolk Flette Bulky (131 yards (120 m), 100 g, 100% Ovis 21 Ultimate Merino® )

needle to use
・One US 9 (5.5 mm), 40cm circular needle ・One US 10 (6 mm), 40cm circular needle

Other tools
・Binding needle ・Stitch marker

The sample is FB02 for adults