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Moonwake Cowl Kit (with Japanese pattern)

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Moonwake Cowl designed by Andrea Mowry.
The mYak thread has a chic impression, but when Andrea designed it, it became so cute. Since it is knitted with mYak Baby Yak Yarn Medium, it is extremely soft and warm.

A knitted cowl perfect for those who don't want to finish the braided threads. Since it's a Mobius, it has various expressions depending on where you twist it. The pattern itself is not difficult, and you should be able to knit it rhythmically.

We knit in a loop with a separate chain stitch, twist it once, and then tear off the knitted fabric.

Kit contents
mYak Baby Yak Yarn Medium 4 colors: 1 case each Japanese sentence pattern

Kit details
designed by Andrea Mowry

Finished size
Height: 21 cm, circumference: 80 cm

Thread used
mYak Baby Yak Yarn Medium ( 100% Yak 125 yards (117m) / 50g )

needle to use
・US 7 (4.5 mm), 40cm circular needle ・Key needle (for making stitches)

Other tools
surplus thread
・Stitch marker (1)
・Binding needle

Sample colors are A/Midnight Blue, B / Dusty Pink, C. / Tibetan Sky, D / Mustard