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Classic one-piece / ASEEDONCLÖUD

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A cute shirt dress with voluminous sleeves and a silhouette that gently spreads from below the chest.

・Cuteness for adult women

Thanks to the neatly folded tucks on the front, the silhouette is airy, while the waist area is neat and naturally shaped. Since it is in a slightly higher position, you can wear it with a beautiful balance.
In contrast to the well-defined front, there is only one tuck on the back, making it comfortable to wear.
The voluminous sleeves are also seven-part length, making your wrists look delicate. The pleats on the cuffs are an absolute knockout if you like handwork.
A small collar sits slightly on it, giving it a neat look.
The attention to detail is packed with cuteness that adult women will be satisfied with.

・Discerning cloth

A typewriter with a high density, strong typing, and a supple texture. The luxurious silk blend fabric has a smooth and elegant silky sheen.

・As a haori

It's nice to tighten the string attached to the waist and add an accent.
It's also good to take it off and enjoy the fluffy feeling while relaxing and wearing it.
There are pockets on the sides and an open front, so you can use it as a light cover in early spring.

・ Amirisu's recommended points

A romantic dress for mature women.
While it's fluffy, you can press down where you want it to create a beautiful line.
You can use it for any occasion with the luxurious feel of the fabric and the attention to detail, and you can wear it as an everyday cover with a turtleneck or pants underneath, and of course it goes well with a hand-knitted shawl.


Tokuko and Meri were originally fans of ASEEDONCLOUD .

The brand name is derived from the name of the first picture book created by designer Kentaro Tamai when he was a child .

While making the most of the beauty of old work clothes seen in photographs from the late 19th century to the early 20th century, the identity behind the beauty is interwoven with wit and humor in the design. As a concept, we are inspired by the lifestyles of various occupations every season, and we put the scent of that life into the design as a spice.



94% cotton, 6% silk



A: 54cm, B: 113cm, C: 55cm, D: 52cm, E: 34cm, F: 30cm

* Model height : 153cm
* There may be some errors due to manual measurement when laid flat.


about 405g

Country of origin

made in Japan

Care instructions

Hand washable


For details, please check the quality tag attached to the product.