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Couture knit needle pattern collection 260

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Nihon Vogue

Following "Couture Knit Pattern 250" published in 2005, Knitting artist Hitomi Shida's long-awaited "Pattern knitting collection of needles". This year, the autumn/winter edition of "Couture Knit" is the 20th commemorative issue. Taking this opportunity, we have selected 260 patterns mainly from the knitting patterns of “Couture Knit Fall/Winter 11-20” and “Couture Knit Spring/Summer 1-7”. It is divided into 6 themes: openwork pattern, ground pattern & cross pattern, panel pattern, knitting arrangement, round yoke (dispersion increase/decrease), and edging, and has an index that makes it easy to select the pattern you want to knit, so you can use it all year round. Please use it to create original works by combining various patterns and changing materials.