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Retrosaria Rosa Pomar Mondim

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Retrosaria Rosa Pomar

Mondim has arrived from Retrosaria Rosa Pomar.
Mondim is the name of a village in Portugal that was once famous for knitting socks.

The bright colors are cute, and so is the label.

A smooth yarn with good twist.
It is suitable not only for knitting socks, but also for knitting wear and shawls.

There are many color variations and the price is reasonable, so enjoy using it for stripes and color work.
We love combining the variegated colorways with solid colors, too.

【Please note】
The color "M82" that arrived this time has a smaller ball size than the previous ones. When we inquired with the manufacturer, we were told that this was due to a new machine for winding the balls, and that the length of each ball is accurate as written on the tag.
However, there are some balls that are a little short of 100g.
Please be aware of the above before purchasing.

100% fine Portuguese wool / 100g
421 yards (385 m)
Needle size: 2-3mm | US 1-2.5
Gauge: 28-32 eyes x 42-49 steps = 4 x 4 inches | 10 x 10cm
Thickness: Fingering 3 ply