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Lichen & Lace Rustic Heather Sport

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Lichen and Lace

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Lichen and Lace, a popular hand-dyed brand from Canada.
We have a simple Sport Weight yarn that has been finished in a minimal process.

100% Canadian wool is spun in Canada's oldest mill and hand dyed with Lichen and Lace. It is a sweet twisted thread with a strong and weak texture that feels like hand-spun. It has a slightly dry texture, so if you have sensitive skin, it may irritate your bare skin.

By adding delicate colors unique to Lichen & Lace to an old-fashioned atmosphere, the beauty of a painting stimulates the imagination.

Wears and shawls that make the most of the rustic atmosphere are recommended. Color work is also nice because the threads are easy to get used to each other.

Manufacturer: Lichen and Lace
Product Name: Rustic Heather Sport

100% Canadian wool
215 yards (197 m) / 56g
Gauge: 23-26 eyes = 10 cm using a 3mm-4mm needle

Because it is hand-dyed, the shades are different even for the same color.
The characteristics of hand-dyed yarn are summarized here .

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