PomPom Quarterly Issue 48

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Release date: January 18, 2024

Unfortunately, PomPom will be discontinued and this 48th issue will be the final issue.

The title of this edition, Check Mate, has many meanings at this time, but most importantly, it marks the end of a wonderful journey. This knitted and crocheted ode to wovens includes patterns we believe any maker will be proud to create. With two needles or a hook, these designs were inspired by the beauty of weaving and pay a special tribute to this ancient sister craft.

From plaids worked in various ways and on various scales, to beautiful colourwork designs that reference overshot weaving, we love the way our designers have highlighted the sisterhood between yarn-based mediums and the common thread that runs through textiles.

Inside this final issue you will also find a luxurious coaster weaving tutorial from Woven Glow, a written piece on her family's weaving traditions from Jennifer Berg, and a delicious braided challah bread recipe from Challah Back Girls.

Featuring designs by:
Marie Régnier // Susan Lin // Giuseppina Flamini // Yessabett Bueno // Stine Hoelgaard // Olivia Glennon // Sara Ottosson // Julia Wilkens // Jule Kebelmann // Elspeth Vance

You can see the photos on Ravelry .