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Klänge Yarn Set -Woolfolk Fleck- (Neons & Neutrals)

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La Bien Aimée

Yarn set for knitting Klänge, designed by Lotta H Löthgren, from the book Neons & Neutrals.

Klänge is a scarf that skillfully combines three types of threads with different textures and thicknesses. Each difference makes it an impressive scarf. As a knitter, it's fun to be able to touch three types of yarn in one piece.
The pattern is a delicate lattice pattern that resembles thin vines on the wall. This pattern looks difficult at first glance, but since it is a two-step repetition, it can be knitted in a relaxed manner.
A cute scarf with an I-Cord border.

Knit from tip to tip and hem with I-Cord.
Make a diagonal shape while widening the eyes with garter knitting in MC. Knit the plaid with MC, CC1 and CC2, and knit the garter section again with MC. Align CC1 and CC2 Finish by edging with I-Cord.

Kit contents
Woolfolk Fleck 3 case
La Bien Aimée Felix 1 case
Daruma Silk Mohair or Isager Silk Mohair 1 ball

This yarn set includes yarn only and does not come with the pattern. Please purchase together with Neons & Neutrals 

Woolfolk Fleck and isager Silk Mohair have a tight thread length.
If you are worried, please order one by one from the link.

Kit details
designed by Lotta H Löthgren

Completion size Length: 194cm
Width: 24cm

Thread used
Woolfolk Fleck
(90% Ovis 21 Ultimate Merino® 10% Donegal / 160 yards / 145 m / 50 g )
La Bien Aimée Felix
(75% Falkland Wool 25% Corriedale Wool / 710 yards (649m) / 100g)
Daruma Silk Mohair
(60% mohair (super kid mohair), 40% silk / 25g / about 300m)
Isager Silk Mohair
(70% Super Kid Mohair / 30% Silk / Approx. 212m / 25g)

needle to use
US 5 (3.75 mm) 80cm circular needle
US 6 (4 mm) 80cm circular needle and 5 bar needle

Other tools・Crochet (for making stitches)
・Binding needle


Mohair colors are as follows

・F4 + Flash Flow
Strawberry Cream (10)

・F7 + Seaglass

・F2 + Pool

・F3 + Winterfell

・F8 + Lush