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ATLEIER to nani IRO sewing closet

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Bunka Publishing

Naomi Ito and the staff of "ATELIER to nani IRO" think about "clothes that we really want to wear", a sewing book for everyday clothes for adults.
What kind of clothes do you want to wear in your daily life? 18 types, 47 works were born from there.
Also includes items that have been well received, such as workshops in the atelier and shapes that have been appointed to apparel.
We also introduce how Naomi Ito and the staff dressed.
S, M & L, L+, LL full size pattern included.

What you want to make, according to the time
Simple tops and dresses that can be made in 2-3 hours,
4 to 5 hours for dresses and pants that are worth making,
A coat that you can spend a whole day enjoying creating.
Here is a list of the production times.

Fun to make and fun to wear. By changing the fabric for spring, summer, autumn and winter, you can use the pattern all year round.
A dress with a casual taste,
If you change the fabric, it becomes a dress with an elegant atmosphere,
A thin linen coat is for spring and summer, and a thick cotton linen coat is for autumn and winter.
Please enjoy the fun of making and the fun of dressing.

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