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2/24 Ustream broadcast

February 28, 2017

2/24 Ustream中継

*Introduced in broadcast*
・Arbor: Restocked. Kits are on sale at our online shop.

・Flaum kit: Owl, the specified thread of the cardigan Falum on the cover of amirisu No.8, is back in stock. The kit is on sale at our online shop.

・Knit Wit: issue4 and issue5 have arrived.

・Pompom: issue 20 is in stock.

・The OLGA BURAYA-KEFELIAN fair is being held at the Kyoto store! Please see this blog for details.
The Tokyo store will be held for 3 days, 3/9, 3/11, and 3/12. looking forward to!

・We are currently holding a winter thread sale exclusively for customers who have registered for our e-mail magazine!
If you use the discount coupon code attached to the winter yarn sale information email, the target yarn will be 25% off. We have a lot to offer, so please check it out!

*Requests when shopping at the online shop*

・Purchased items must be paid in advance. Please note that if you have selected bank transfer as your payment method, your order will be shipped as soon as the bank transfer is confirmed.
Please note that if 7 days have passed since you placed your order, the transaction will automatically be deemed unsuccessful, and we will not be able to reserve any more items.

・We do not allow parcels with different order numbers to be packaged together.

・We do not offer a ball winding service for the yarn you have purchased.

Please see here for other notes on shopping.