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what are you knitting now? ~ Yummy 2-ply socks ~

December 03, 2019

今何編んでる? 〜 Yummy 2-plyで編むソックス 〜

It's suddenly cold, isn't it? The cold suddenly hit me, and I hurriedly knit a hat.
In Kyoto, where the feet get cold in the middle of winter, hand-knitted socks are the ultimate luxury. Knitted socks are very active on extremely cold days like this.

That's why we're introducing Miss Babs' beautiful and easy-to-knit Yummy 2-ply socks.

A maniac comment from a staff member who always knits socks,
“It is common to have slippery stitches on both ends of the heel, but this pattern has three garter stitches.
Therefore, when you pick up the side, there is no hole and it has a beautiful finish. It was also easy to find where to pick up. ”

about it. Most of the socks I've knit so far are slippery, for sure!
Yummy 2-ply has beautiful colors and is very easy to knit. If you want to try it out, please try using it for socks.

Pattern: Into the woods by Melody Hoffmann
Yarn: Miss Babs Yummy-2ply
Color: Mythmaker

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