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YOTH Best Friend

June 04, 2017

YOTH Best Friend

Finally arrived, Best Friend of Yarn On The House!
The yarn is a blend of 75% cotton and 25% wool, so while maintaining the elasticity of wool, it has a smooth feel that is great for the coming season. NEP is added to make the thickness of the thread uneven, giving it a silk-like feel.

Here are some recommended patterns for such new threads.

Goode by Julie Hoover

Since it is a simple pullover, the good atmosphere of this thread should be fully demonstrated. I think it will be a piece that you can enjoy from summer to early autumn.

Forsythia by Pam Allen

YOTH thread with cute naming. It's a gentle color, so it's wonderful to knit with any two colors! It's fun to choose colors such as Mango & Mint and Peach & Shiitake.

Ella by Hannah Fettig

If you wear it over a dress, you will definitely look elegant. Even on days when you wear denim and a T-shirt, it adds a touch of femininity, making it a must-have piece this summer.

YOTH's Veronica-designed kit Del Sol and Dream Catcher are also on sale at the online shop. Please try knitting with a very attractive new yarn, Best Friend.