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yomirisu online Vol.7 What you like to wear

May 23, 2020

yomirisu online Vol.7 身につけるなら好きなもの
The mask has become completely commonplace.
In March, I was worried that there was no mask, but various brands started to make masks.
Some people make it at home for their family...
yes! If not, why not make one?
People in the past used to make things like that.

I'm writing this column on amirisu, but I've been clumsy since I was a kid.
On the other hand, my mother, who lives with me, likes to move her hands,
She says she likes to remake surplus fabrics and worn clothes and use them up to the last drop.

I got a pattern pattern on the neighborhood network and made a mask with a gauze handkerchief.
2, 3, etc. Every time I make it, the fit evolves and I am impressed.
I'm just grateful that I'm happy to put on a mask.
As I walk through the city, I feel like I am being protected.

When I put on the mask, I somehow felt backwards, but
From now on, always with a mask.
If you need it every day, you can enjoy it.

Recently, I've been happy to wear it, and it's based in Nishiwaki, Hyogo, a production area for Banshu-ori.
Tamask, the mask of tamaki niime.
I love and love colorful shawls and wear for a long time because I can enjoy fashion without worrying about my age or body type.

The strength of tamaki niime is that they not only design, but also weave, sew, and sell the fabric themselves.
Under these circumstances, we immediately mobilized all staff and started making masks.
Like shawls and wear, masks are also one-of-a-kind in the world.
Fluffy and light, feels good on the skin, and is easy on the ears.
Above all, it is cute, and as soon as you put it on,
I suddenly feel better.

It feels like my mind and body, which have been cramped up after being withdrawn for so long, are freed.
It was good to hide with a mask, but I was walking as if I was hiding myself with a lot of makeup, but...
I want to be fashionable, I want to meet everyone, let's do what we can do now!
That kind of feeling came up.

How important is what you wear?
By wearing what you like, you can be yourself and become energetic.

Various masks are being made today.
For those who purchase cloth at the amirisu online shop, we are giving a free gift of how to make a three-dimensional mask as a charity.

Let's spend a new day with your favorite mask!

Aki Miyashita
I live in Kyoto and work as an editor and writer.
"yomirisu" Vol.6 coming soon!

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