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yomirisu online Vol.6 Happy Birthday to you!

May 16, 2020

yomirisu online Vol.6 Happy Birthday to you!

Birthdays always come at times like this.
Once a year, it's a day to realize the happiness of being born after receiving many words of congratulations.
There are many people around me who have birthdays in May.

Meri from amirisu also has a birthday in May.
If you look at Instagram stories,
Danna and her son made a chocolate cake and sang a birthday song to celebrate.
I'm so happy that I'm happy.

Coincidentally, the next day was my mother's birthday,
Furthermore, the day after that is my late father's birthday.
It's our annual tradition to light a candle on a birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday.
Even family members who live far away always call and sing.

When I was a child, I had birthday cakes delivered from Hirakawa Fugetsudo in Gion.
I don't even remember what I got as a present!
Eating a birthday cake with my family is a very important memory as a memory of being loved.

The year my father passed away, I asked Fugetsudo Hirakawa to deliver something for my mother's birthday.
I lived far away from home, so it was the first time in decades, but the person at the shop that delivered it to me said, "I just remembered that I used to deliver!" I was so happy.
The classic birthday cake with assorted fruits was still very delicious even after eating it as an adult, and it made me feel proud.
This cake is the starting point of my love of sweets.

Then, again, we decided to ask for a birthday cake every year, but the shop finally closed last year.
It was an elderly chef who was standing in the kitchen, so I thought that a day like this might come someday, but it was still very lonely and sad.

Thus, we became birthday cake refugees.
At this time, you should think of it as a chance to eat various delicious cakes! While thinking so,
After all, what I want to eat is a simple shortcake.
A picture-perfect birthday cake topped with fruit.
That deliciousness in my memory.

Now that I can no longer eat,
Although it may not be possible for any cake to pull out that birthday cake.
I want to keep dating you,
I would be happy if I could meet such a cake shop again.

Aki Miyashita
I live in Kyoto and work as an editor and writer.
"yomirisu" Vol.6 is in production!

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